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This resource has been designed for you to work through at your own pace for both new and existing employees and those wishing to undertake a career path into the forest industry.

The resource can be used individually as a self help resource or a classroom or field group learning environment.

The guide provides material relating to the requirements of the following units from the FPI05 Forest and Forest Products Training Package.

The above unit includes a number of key issues which are also included in:

The codes for the above Units have changed and are now listed on the website as a B unit, however the material does support the newer version of these units coded as follows:

The information in this resource is designed to help new, inexperienced and existing experienced employees to improve their knowledge in Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Care.

There are self-help activities for you to complete as you work through the guide.

A Terminology Section is included at the front of the document to help you learn and understand the industry "language".

This is only a learner's guide, and if you want to gain accreditation against the above units of competence, further theory and on the job practical assessment will need to be done. If you are working with a trainer discuss with your trainer how they would like you to complete and mark activities.

To gain formal accreditation you will need to enrol with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is able to conduct Training and Assessment in the Forest Industry.

When you enrol with an RTO you have the assessment process explained to you.

If you would like to find a Registered Training Organisation in your area that may be able to deliver these units you can log onto the website for further information.

L.I.T.A is an RTO that is able to deliver forestry units of competency.

This resource is also available as a download PDF document within this resource: Forest Operations: Occupational Health, Safety and Enrironment.



Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations
Organisational Requirements
Risk Assessment
Risk Management
Operational Hazards
Fire Safety
Effects of Accidents / Environmental Incidents
OHS Penalties & Enforcement
Environmental Care
Environmental Acts & Regulations
Environmental Care Principles
Environmental Penalties and Enforcement
Other operators and visitors
Emergency Management Systems
Coupe & Harvest Plans


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